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To advocate the use of sound geologic knowledge and practice
by proposing, reviewing, and monitoring statutes,
regulations, and public policies. More...

Welcome to 2013 California Council of Geoscience Organizations (CCGO) web site.  CCGO was formed in 1997 as an umbrella group to represent the interests of geoscience organizations and employers in Sacramento.    CCGO was founded on the idea that together with its members it can present a united front from both the profession and employers when issues arise that affect the practice rights of geoscientists.

CCGO Goals for 2013

·         Monitor legislation that threatens to eliminate licensure in the geosciences profession;

·         Work closely with the BPLEGS as it implements new exam formats for the geosciences licensure examinations;

·         Be a valuable resource for legislators when crafting legislation related to geosciences issues;

·         Provide accurate geosciences information to the media regarding the teaching of earth since (K-12).

CCGO Fundraiser Dinner Meeting: June 12, 2013, Ken Lajoie, retired USGS geologist will speak on the general topic of the geology of San Francisco Bay for the CCGO Fundraiser.  The CCGO Fundraiser has been an annual event for many years and many of the events have been organized by John Karachewski.  More information will be forthcoming.  The meeting will likely to be at Spenger's Fish Grotto in Berkeley, California.  The cost for the fundraiser is $55/person. The Groundwater Resources Association has agreed to allow CCGO use their sign-in process on their web site.  Please go to to sign up for the special meeting. Donations to CCGO are welcome.

UPCOMING EVENT:  The 2013 14th Annual Sacramento Drive-In will occur in the Summer 2013.  CCGO has been running these events since 1999 as a way to stay in front of the legislature and to meet the state employees who run geologic bureaus for California.  The CCGO delegation typically meets with the Executive Officer of the State Mining and Geology Board and the State Geologist.  A photo, below from the 2010 11th Annual CCGO Sacramento Drive-In documents the CCGO interest in meeting key legislators and state employees who work in Sacramento.

As part of the 11th Annual CCGO-CORE Sacramento Drive-In on June 22, 2010, here are the delegates and dignitaries, Left to Right, Jared Pratt (VP CCGO), Stephen Testa (Exec. Officer SMGB), Jim Jacobs (Pres. CCGO/CORE), John Parrish (State Geologist, CGS), Charles Nestle (Past Pres CCGO) and Mark Magargee (CCGO).

What is CCGO? 

The California Council of Geoscience Organizations (CCGO) was formed in 1997 to advocate the use of sound geologic knowledge and practice by proposing, reviewing, and monitoring statutes, regulations, and public policies. Our Mission and Goals reflect our beliefs.

Who are the Members of CCGO?

CCGO is made up of organizations and businesses whose primary focus is in the geosciences, who draw a significant percentage of their membership from California, and who have a direct involvement in California geosciences. Members are actively engaged in serving the interests of the public in matters relating to the geosciences.



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